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Abitibi (QC) - HBC Post HistoryAngel, Michael. Evidence of the Metis in the Kootenay Prior to European HedgemonyArctic Red River (NT) - HBC Post HistoryBlack, John HBCCameron, W Beasdell. Clan McKay in the WestCarlton House (Saskatchewan) (SK) HBC Post HistoryChristie, Alexander Jr 1834-1873 HBCChristie, Alexander1809-1853 HBCChristie, Alexander1867-1883 HBCChristie, Charles Thomas HBCChristie, Dr. William Joseph HBCChristie, Ian Mackay HBCChristie, James Grant HBCChristie, John George Mctavish HBCChristie, Robert HBCChristie, William Joseph HBCDown, Edith E. The History of Catholic Education in British Columbia,1847-1900Dunvegan (AB) - HBC Post HistoryEdmonton (AB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Chipewyan (AB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Churchill (MB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Garry, Upper (MB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Good Hope (NT) - HBC Post HistoryFort Halkett (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort Hope (ON) - HBC Post HistoryFort Liard (NT) - HBC Post HistoryFort Pelly (SK) - HBC Post HistoryFort Qu'Appelle (SK) - HBC Post HistoryFort Rae (NT) - HBC Post HistoryGallagher, B. A Re-Examination of Race, Class and Society in Red RiverGlover, R. York BoatsGroat, Malcolm Alexander HBCHistoric Forts and Trading Posts of the French Regime and of the English Trading CompaniesJames Bay - Appendix A`Judd, Carol. Housing The Homeguard At Moose Factory: 1730-1982Lafleur, Catherine BAPLesser Slave Lake (AB) - HBC Post HistoryLower Ft. Garry (MB) - HBC Post HistoryMacFarlane, Roderick (Ross) - HBCMatawagamingue (ON) - HBC Post HistoryMoose Factory (ON) - HBC Post HistoryNew Brunswick House (ON) II - HBC Post HistoryPortage La Loche (SK) - HBC Post HistoryRapid River (SK) - HBC Post HistoryRupert House (QC) - HBC Post HistoryThomas, John Sr. - HBCYork Factory (MB) - HBC Post History