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1901 Census Surnames List Athabaska Region1911 Census New Westminster (NW68)A Historical Profile of the Lower Fraser Valley Area's Mixed European-Indian Ancestry CommunityAthabaska A2 - page 3.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 1.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 11.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 12.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 13.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 14.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 15.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 18.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 19.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 22.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 3.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 33.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 4.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 6.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 7.mhtAthabaska A5 - page 9.mhtAtkinson, William George (6650) Family Group Record & MS InformationAuld, William HBCBabine (BC) HBC Post HistoryBrown, Jennifer. Changing Views of Fur Trade Marriage and Domesticity: James Hargrave, His Colleagues, and "The Sex"Charles, George HBCCharles, John HBCCharles, Pierre HBCCharles, William HBCEarly History of the KootenaysEast Prairie Council. East Prairie Metis 1939-1979: 40 Years of DeterminationFamily Life at Fort LangleyFather Morice Letter 1895 Oct 28Fluz Cuz (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort Alexandria NotesFort Boise (ID) - HBC Post HistoryFort Chipewyan (AB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Churchill (MB) - HBC Post HistoryFort Garry, Upper (MB) - HBC Post HistoryFort George (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort Hope (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort Pelly (SK) - HBC Post HistoryFort Vermilion and District Bicentennial Association. Fort Vermilion: People In our Vast Trading North, 1788 to 1988Gallagher, B. A Re-Examination of Race, Class and Society in Red RiverHargrave, James the Hargrave Correspondence - ExcerptsIle-a-la-Crosse (SK) HBC Post HistoryJohn McKay - BioKamloops Polling Division Voters List 1876.pdfLac du Brochet (MB) - HBC Post HistoryLac La Ronge (SK) - HBC Post HistoryLambert, William Interview, Fort Vermillion 1955Land Records, Metis and Original White Settlers.pdfMcLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 June 12McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 June 28McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 Oct 12McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 Oct 28McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 Oct 28 PrivateNelson House (MB) - HBC Post HistoryOxford House (MB) - HBC Post HistoryPeace River Census Trapping Information 1901 17Peace River Census Trapping Information 1901 -11Portland House (MB) - HBC Post HistoryQuesnel Letter McNab 1895 Mar 21Roy, Peter & Charles, Caroline MRWebber, Jean. Fur Trading Posts in the Okanogan and SimilkameenWepiskow Lake (MB) - HBC Post HistoryYork Factory (MB) - HBC Post History