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"Country of Upper Peace" British Colonist (Victoria BC) December 23 1906"Government will not be Held Liable for the Furs Lost by Half-Breed Bremner" Daily Colonist (Victoria BC) December 11 18911901 Athabasca Census - A41901 Peace River Census Working CopyAthabaska A4 - page 32.mhtBeads, John & Bremner, Eliza MCBeads, John Jr. HBCBEATON, Frances Wark - ObituaryBeeds, John Jr. HBCBremner , Marie - ScripBremner's house blown up with gunpowder. British Colonist (Victoria BC) November 16 1886Bremner, Alexander HBCBremner, Charles - Factor Fort St John - PhotoBremner, Charles - ScripBremner, Charles - ScripBremner, Charles HBCBremner, Charles to Albright, W.D. Letter 1924Bremner, Joseph HBCBremner, Marie - Scrip 2Bremner, William & Nelson,Helen MRBremner, William - SCRIPBremner, William - Scrip 2Calihoo, Henry Interview Paddle Prairie1956Ducharme, Narcisse MS WD.pdfFerguson, St. Pierre Interview Rycroft AB,1956Fort Nelson (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort St. John - Account Books: General 1894 to 1895Gould, Ida - SCRIPMetis SCRIP Index (Research File).xlsMonkman, Alex List of Brendin and Cornwall Customers by W.D. AlbrightPeace River Census Trapping Information 1901 -15Peace River Census Trapping Information 1901-14Pelican Lake (SK) - HBC Post HistoryPoitras, Isabel - ScripPoitras, Isabel - Scrip 2Sansregret, Christine - ScripShaw, Mr Reginald (Dudley) Interview Hudson's Hope 1955Spirit River Ranch (AB) - HBC Post HistorySt Germaine, Adolphus Interview, Harmon Valley 1956Turner, M.A. Interview, Edmonton 1956Wabowden (MB) - HBC Post HistoryWhitford, Archy & Bremner, Rosy MCWhitford, Archibald DRWhitford, Archie and Sangrey, Rose MRWhitford, George - MSWhitford, George - SCRIPWhitford, George MS pg2Whitford, James - ScripWhitford, John - Scrip 2Whitford, John - Scrip 4Whitford, John and Bremner, Maria - PhotoWhitford, John and Family - PhotoWHITFORD, Maria - Death certificate