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"A Captured Man-Eater" British Colonist (Victoria BC) January 21 1898"Margaret Seymour Recalls Life Over the Last Century"1881 Census Cariboo (cariboo5)1901 Census Yale Cariboo1911 Census Edmonton (ed17)A page from the McKay Family Tree (Twigs and Leaves)Alexander James M.L. HBCAlexander, Adelaide BPAlexander, Adelaide Ogden Lindsay BRAlexander, Annie Lindsay BRAlexander, Christine BPAlexander, Elisabeth-sara BPAlexander, Elizabeth Sarah BRAlexander, Erna Kathleen DCAlexander, James Marsden Lindsay DRAlexander, James Marsden Lindsay Jr. BRAlexander, Margaret Jane BPAlexander, Margaret Jane BRAlexander, Marie BPAlexander, Rachel Ogden BPAlexander, Rachel Ogden Lindsay BRAlexander, Sara BPAlexander, Sarah Julia Lindsay BRAlexander, William BPAlexander, William Lindsay BRAlexander, William Lindsay DRAlexander, Williamina BPAlexander, Willimena Lindsay BRBird, Charles & Yargeau, Mary MRBird, James & Alexander, Mary MRConnolly Post (BC) HBC Post HistoryFather Morice Letter 1894 Dec 15Father Morice Letter 1894 Dec 16Flett, John William & Bouche, Philamon MRFlett, John William & Bouche, Philamon MR (2)Flora, Stephanie. The Oregon Territory Inhabitants Prior to 1839Fort St. James (BC) HBC Post HistoryFort St. James - District Report:1823 to 1824Fraser Lake (BC) HBC Post HistoryHazelton Letter Alexander 1894 Dec 27Manitou (MB) - HBC Post HistoryMcLeod Lake (BC) HBC Post HistoryMcLeod Lake Letter Grassham 1895 May 20 PrivateMcLeod Lake Letter Grassham 1895 May 21McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 Aug 9McLeod Lake Letter Ware 1895 Oct 28 PrivateOgden, Sarah DROgden, Sarah DRQuesnel Letter McNab 1889 April 12Quesnel Letter McNab 1895 Mar 21Relatives of Arlene EnnisSmithson, Robertus Descendants ofStony Creek (BC) HBC Post HistoryWonders, Karen. A Sportsman's Eden