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The Oregon Territory Inhabitants Prior to 1839Fort Alexandria District Report NotesFort Alexandria NotesFort Chimo (QC) - HBC Post HistoryFort Churchill (MB) - HBC Post HistoryFort St James Journal 1820-21 (including notes)Fort St. John - Account Books Blotter, 1 March to 1 Dec 1908 (Part 2)Fort Victoria Registries, 1849-56Fort William (ON) - HBC Post HistoryFraser Lake (BC) HBC Post HistoryGallagher, B. A Re-Examination of Race, Class and Society in Red RiverGolden Nuggets- Roadhouse Portaits along the Cariboos Gold-Rush TrailGoulet, George; Goulet, Terry; The Metis In British ColumbiaHarrison, Eliza - SCRIPJean Baptiste (Waccan) Boucher TreeJohn McKay - BioJohn McKay TimelineKamloops Registries 1849-1874Kirton, Jessie Ann BAP 1868Kirton, Joseph BAP 1868Kirton, Peter BAP 1869LaFreniere, Antoine & Boucher, Marguerite MRMacDonald, John & Boucher, Jane MRMajeau, Louis 'A' - HBCMarsh, Josephine DRMcBean, William - HBCMcLeod Lake Fort NotesMcMillan, Boyer MR.pdfMcMillan, Letendre MRMercredi, François Sr., DC.Metis SCRIP Index (Research File).xlsMonroe, Felix - SCRIPNason, Amelia Jane BAP 1873Nason, Edouard BAP 1877Nason, Ithiel & Boucher, Amelia MRNason, Ithiel BAP 1873New Brunswick House (ON) I - HBC Post HistoryNew Brunswick House (ON) II - HBC Post HistoryPambrun, Pierre, BAPPlouffe, Antoine - Notes. 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