Miller, William (A) (2) - HBC

Document Type: HBC Bio
Date of Document(s): May, 1990
Date Range Start : 1838
Date Range End: March 6, 1914
Comments: For a brief discussion on William Miller and his brother James see: Anderson, J.W. Fur Trader's Story, Toronto: Ryerson Press, l96l, pp. l4-l5.
Source: Hudsons Bay Company Archives, Winnipeg Manitoba
Indexing Progress: Relationship Indexed
Primary or Secondary Source: Primary Source


  • Miller


  • Eastmain HBC
  • Great Whale River
  • James Bay HBC District
  • Mistassini
  • Mistassiny
  • Moose Factory
  • Rupert's River HBC


  • Fishing
  • Fur Trade
  • HBC (Hudson's Bay Company)
  • Labour
  • Postmaster