Waldram James. Relocation, Consolidation, and Settlement Pattern in the Canadian Subarctic.

Document Type: Journal Articles (2)
Date of Document(s): 1987
Indexing Progress: Relationship Indexed
Primary or Secondary Source: Secondary Source
Author: Waldram, James B.
Title: Relocation, Consolidation, and Settlement Pattern in the Canadian Subarctic
Journal Title: From Human Ecology
Date of Publication: 1987
Date of Copyright: c1987
Volume ID: 15
Issue ID: 2
Location in Work: 117-130
Abstract: The relocation and consolidation of subarctic native populations into settlement patterns designed according to southern, urban models has often resulted in cultural confusion and an increase in interpersonal tension, alcohol abuse, and violence. Through a review of selected case material, and the detailed examination of one relocated community, the dynamics of this situation are highlighted. Where native communities have re-established themselves beyond the reach of government planners, the re-creation of more culturally appropriate settlement patterns has ensued.
Keywords: relocation; settlement pattern; cultural stress; subarctic Canadian native communities



  • Arctic Bay


  • Aboriginal
  • Alcohol
  • Self Government
  • Settlements
  • Social Pathologies
  • Violence