McLean, George & Young, Isabel MR

Document Type: Marriage Certificate/ Registration
Date of Document(s): 2010
Date Range Start : 1910
Date Range End: 1910
Indexing Progress: Relationship Indexed
Primary or Secondary Source: Primary Source
Name of Reverend: W P.O'Boyle
Church Name: St.Peter's
Church Place: New Westminister
Province of Marriage: BC
Name of First Married Person: McLean, George Herbert
Name of Second Married Person: Young, Isabel
Date of Marriage: 28 March 1910
First Witness: McLean, Jean Evelyn
Second Witness: Young, John A.
Date of Registration: 29 March 1910


  • McLean
  • Young


  • Bathurst
  • New Westminster
  • Winnipeg


  • Family History/ Genealogy
  • Marriage/Spousal Relationship
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Marriage
  • Place of Residence
  • Vital Stats - Marriage