Lafleur,Charles and Lagimodiere, Josette MC

Document Type: Marriage Certificate/ Registration
Date of Document(s): 1870
Date Range Start : 1870
Date Range End: 1870
Source: MNBC Registry
Indexing Progress: Relationship Indexed
Primary or Secondary Source: Primary Source
Name of Reverend: Bishop Grondin
Church Name: St. John the Baptist
Church Place: Ile-a-la-Crosse
Province of Marriage: SK
Name of First Married Person: Lafleur, Charles
Name of Second Married Person: Lagimonniere, Josette
Date of Marriage: 15 June 187?
First Witness: Bouvier, Michel
Second Witness: Desjarlais, Thomas
Diocese of: Keewatin Lake


  • Bouvier
  • Desjarlais
  • Lafleur
  • Lagimoniere


  • Ile a la Crosse
  • Keewatin


  • Family History/ Genealogy
  • Marriage/Spousal Relationship
  • Place of Marriage