Lavallee, Joseph-Michel BAP

Document Type: Baptismal Certificate
Date of Document(s): 1935
Date Range Start : 1888
Date Range End: 1888
Indexing Progress: Relationship Indexed
Primary or Secondary Source: Primary Source
Birth Name: Lavallee, Joseph-Michel
Date of Birth: 10 Mar 1888
Name of Father: Lavallee, Johnnie
Maiden Name of Mother: Ross, Florentina
Church Name: Mission at English River
Church Place: Cumberland SK
Date of Baptism: 1 April 1888
Name of Reverend: Foneze, R P W OMI
First Sponsor Name: Lavallee, Marie
Second Sponsor Name: Ross, C.
Date of Marriage: 20 Aug 1910


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  • Duck Lake


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